Clay 3D printing

This work is a self driven month long experimentation in clay printing with a DIY extruder and recycled clay. The book Advanced 3D printing with Grasshopper by Diego Garcia Cuevas & Gianluca Pugliese was used as a guide. Printer used is an Ultimaker classic with DIY clay extruder. 

The shape finding methodology was based on the star shape, how many corners exactly does a star have? Starting from 3 and going all the way to 33 I explored the design possibilities to make a number of objects. They expose the natural beauty of the toolpaths of the printer and the thick layers of clay. In this principle I have used simple lofts, scaling and rotation to obtain geometries that further expose the movement of the machine captured in clay. I used Grasshopper to design the objects and generate the Gcode, which the printer then used.

Dimensions: 20x20x20cm
Material: Clay
Year 2021